Here are some friendly family photos from the "Hyde Clan"-Alaska. Working together prefabing their new dome home.

Hey James,

sorry about the time delay in getting back to you- picked up another job so now i'm really strapped for time.  just workin on the project on weekends for now. got all the triangles stacked sky high.  we made a stack about 9 high and used that as our
work table, then made more stacks side by side, which we could walk on and move more product. what a blast working with triangles is- you'd never know until you experience how you can flip 'em over on the tip, etc- and solid as a rock- after dealing with these and feeling how sturdy they are, conventional stick framing seems like a joke.

I'd have to recommend to prospective builders out there, buy the framing nailer-  by hand or with a screw gun is @#$^ing  out of the question.  And buy glue by the case. we still have 3' of snow on site and I'm working too much, but by end of may we'll be ready to roll.
Hey James,

here's a few pics... one you can see how we layed out the triangles to apply the conklin paint and fabric, at first we tried cutting the fabric one traingle at a time.... uggh, it cuts much easier after being painted. the hydraulic jack we used to get the last tri of row two in, above the entry.  i had planned on putting in a couple of triangles just for support, but then it didn't seem necessary, so we just left it open and and had the tri's hanging off of each side, then put in the last one with the jack lifting it into place.
top corner off pic shows the DDE tri off at the top right corner.... it seems that just this side is short... we put in most of the row 4 DDE's yesterday and they went pretty good, looking much better than this one.

The Hyde Clan errecting their dome