Good Karma Domes - "SpiderDome"

There is something special and unique to each dome erecting. Bruce McNair teaches creative concepts, practical applications and designs from start to the finished working model. Yet one more electrical engineer grad., we seem to get a lot of these.

I was hesitant to travel the 1500 miles to Holmdel, New Jersey to erect this 40 footer; afraid that it might rain and my crew would be marooned in some sleazy motel. I put it off and put it off until I could see at least a week in advance of potentially suitable weather, unlike the Holtz dome where it rained continuously 24 hours a day for five days, a dome that we erected entirely in the rain.

The McNair or "Spiderdome" has been awarded, by us, the all around easiest, most pleasant, well fed, entertained and friendly dome build we have had in many years. Although everything did not go according to plan, the atmosphere and cooperation of crew and family won the day. We were home in ten days.

We discovered, during this build, that you can buy BIG triangular, double-glazed, argon filled, low-E Anderson windows with all the bells and whistles and a tax credit through our friends at Home Depot, at the lowest price. I have been searching and researching for a good buy on a good window for years. While still not cheap, these are of an affordable quality. I highly recommend them.

The "Spiderdome" build was streamed live via webcam during erection.

We would like to give Thanks to all the McNair family and friends for their generous help and hospitality. 40 foot 4 frequency, 2x6 framing, one extension, one modified extension, delivered and erected to Holmdel, New Jersey, excluding roofing $34,000.

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