Due to the amount of spam with the automated guest book, I will now put in any memories or remarks made about James personally. Please email me your remarks at (Memories (at) goodkarmadomes.com) and I will post them for you. Thank you for the kind words about him.

Earl B Holtz
Fri, July 24, 2020
It was with deep sadness that I learned of James passing today...

I will always remember his optimism and love for his creations, his two visits and the week spent in making sure our dome was assembled correctly, and the conversations on construction of my shed and garage - each domes.
Donny Q Thurs, June 30, 2020
My deepest condolences. Of course, i don't know how to express my grief. I wish you the best. He was a mentor.....for years I have studied and evaluated many...
....for someone that wanted the best design based on Bucky's work. He was it. I never had the money. Now I am close. What is consolable? Perhaps someone will carry on his work. Thank you for the foundation plans you have posted
Joseph Cincotta and Julie Lineberger of LineSync Architecture Fri, June 5, 2020
PDF from LineSync Architecture

Donna Carpenter Fri, March 27, 2020
Sorry it took me so long.....it was yesterday evening when I realized the part he really played and how much he had come to mean to me. I knew it was huge and more than any one or few events

I would have to write a list to cover 31 years of how-could-I-forget memories of James since everything stands out to me. Death does that. The first one I remember of him was when he came banging and rattling the front door at Bob's house when I was there when I was still just getting to know Bob and before we married in 1994. James was noisy and those of us who know him well can realize that he may have been impaired back then. It was around 1989 when he showed up loud, boisterous and with a toothbrush in his pocket. He drove a beat up, later burned up van. I had never seen or heard anything like him. What in the world? He sometimes came to our house for simple visits, or games or to study the Daily Racing Form on Saturday morning with Bob. I called James my secondary husband, my go-to part for anything in the honey-do department since Bob didn't worry himself with that sort of thing and James was an expert. Bob would just assume James would do any fix-it stuff and even say to me, “Call James.” James and I worked side by side. He was undoubtedly my Person. James' insertion into my life was never an event or series of events but instead another part of the beating of my heart. He was a seam and a thread of the fabric of my life and of Bob's as well. Bob used to say, “James is just there.” Indeed he was always just there. Always showing up when we needed him and when I was really alone James came walking in early in the morning like the sun. “Are you decent?” He would call out as he walked in through the hallway to to bring love again when my heart was shattered into a million pieces after my son died and again after Bob died. Like clockwork James was there. “James is just there. He is just James.” Like Bob said. He belonged to all of us and to the world. Maybe now more than ever.

Bruce and Liz McNair
Holmdel, NJ
Tues, March 24, 2020
I was just looking at your web site to recommend Good Karma Domes to someone looking into building a dome to house a program for high functioning autistic children. I was deeply saddened to hear of James' passing.

We live in NJ and contacted James in 2007 to have a dome built as an addition to our house. A difficult building department slowed our project down, but James stuck with us. He built the triangles and delivered them halfway across the country with his pickup truck and trailer in late Fall, then came back the next Spring when the weather was better to help us construct the dome. He and his assistant stayed a week to lead the construction. We enjoyed his can-do attitude and personality as the project quickly came together. I can't imagine anyone finding his equal. James will certainly be missed.
Don MacMillan
Ocean Springs, MS
Thurs, March 19, 2020
So sorry to learn of his passing. He was very inspirational in his video's. Blessing on his family.
Mary and John Moad
Edmond, OK
Mon, March 16, 2020
James was as brilliant as he was kind and funny. If I could dream it, James could, and did, build it at our house. He was a lovely man!
John Higgins
Port Jervis, NY
Mon, March 9, 2020
I've been visiting goodkarmadomes.com as a resource for my students and myself for at least 10 years now. The website is an invaluable asset in researching methods for building domes and other geometric structures. I do not know James, but I am grateful for all the generous time and information that has been provided freely to those that would challenge themselves in this particular undertaking. I am truly sorry for your loss. The legacy of knowledge and information he has left will echo for generations. Thank you!
Travis Swaim
Yukon, OK
Wed, February 26, 2020
James was a great friend. Always willing to help me out and asked how the family was doing. I worked along side him for 20+ years doing the computer work and drawings. He was always trying to figure out a better way. I bet right now he's arguing with God on moving Heaven into a Golden Dome.
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