Good Karma Domes - Chris, Dee, and Faith's "FreeDome" Seligman, Arizona

Shannon and I had a great time on this build. A young man now, Colton O'Malloy, was a twelve year old lad in 2002 when GoodKarma erected a dome for his family in Snowflake, Arizona. Colton and his buddy, Evan Colston, came up to help with the erecting of the FreeDome. Chris Cave is noted for having "wired" half of the electrical in Las Vegas. A union electrician, he worked on most of the major builds in Las Vegas over the past 30 years. The dome site is hidden in the pines and rocks of the mountainous country to the west of Seligman, Arizona. It is no small wonder why people travel half way around the world to commune with God and nature here.

The FreeDome is 55 feet in diameter, with two massive extensions twenty feet wide by twenty-two feet long and twelve feet high. They make an awesome entrance to the planned three floors and 5500 square feet. The FreeDome plan is to have a sixteen foot diameter pent gazebo with roof to cap the dome. The gazebo is designed as a perch-porch and barbeque area. We were not contracted to do the roofing or sheetrock. Delivered and erected with extensions $36,000 in September 2008.

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